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The East End is something that has popped in popular culture for many years, not least because of the overly popular soap opera of the same name! However, this area has much more to offer than Albert Square. There are a number of high class East London escorts ready to rock your world and make your visit to the region one you’ll remember for the rest of your days and likely want to experience again and again. If there’s one thing that we are popular for its return bookings; this must have something to do with offering such high class escorts at such a low price. So what would you do with your chosen companion? No risqué answers either please, that’s not our concern or business!

What about dinner for two? There are some really classy places in the East End and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to offer you a few suggestions. Forman’s restaurant in Hackney offers an excellent choice of contemporary cuisine from England; the smoked salmon is particularly nice. Another classic restaurant that must be mentioned is Hawksmoor in Spitalfields where you’re likely to find a very impressive steak.

Staying in East London offers you a great choice too. Hotels are pretty much all East London escort friendly and the standards are very high indeed

The Boundary Hotel in Shoreditch offer luxury and a lovely rooftop bar.

 The Four Seasons in Canary Wharf comes highly recommended.

 The Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green is an excellent choice for a little less money.

 Ace Hotel in Shoreditch is a wise choice for those who want comfort but have a budget

Wherever you stay we’re certain that our companions will get to you quickly and easily. They’re just a call away!

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